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At you can purchase your health insurance with the maximum coverage at the best price. We offer you different types of private medical insurance according to your needs. We have health insurance for individuals as well as for self-employed workers or SMEs.

With the different types of health insurance offered by SANITAS, you can enjoy a large and prestigious medical team nationwide, with more than 45,000 medical professionals and 1,200 healthcare centres. Maximum quality health service and the most innovative technology.


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SANITAS stands out because it offers maximum guarantees and its continuous search for service improvements. To do so, SANITAS reinvests all its benefits in hospitals and medical centres, and also builds new ones, and provides them with healthcare technology and cutting-edge equipment. More than 2 million customers already trust in Sanitas.

At you will get the maximum personal attention thanks to the expert consultants when it comes to health insurance. Our contact telephone number is 900 264 630, or if you prefer, you can provide us with your phone number by clicking on “free call” and we will call you in less than 5 minutes.

Through you can purchase Sanitas iSalud health insurance with the maximum guarantees and at the best price.

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