SANITAS Family medical insurance

Currently, Sanitas health insurance for the entire family is one of the most popular, as there is increasing awareness about the importance of taking care of the health of the whole family by parents. This type of medical insurance includes coverage for both adults and children, such as very specific paediatric issues, and all this with increasingly improved premiums for the whole family.

The coverage that is most used by people who purchase family health insurance from Sanitas are home emergency visits for the little ones, telephone consultations from home and reimbursement of expenses, whether due to some type of urgency or caused by expenses incurred for medical prescriptions.

In addition, many family health insurances also include some services related to the issue of family planning and even some of the necessary tests to determine the reason for some types of fertility treatments, where necessary.

It is important before purchasing family health insurance from Sanitas with iSalud, to consider all the coverage that it offers and not only to take into account the most basic coverage but, for example, in the case of a family it is advisable to consider if additional services are included such as stem cell preservation or the possible expansion of dental services in the children's policy as they grow older.

What benefits does family insurance by Sanitas with iSalud have to offer?

Sanitas family health insurance includes part of all the basic health insurance coverage, travel assistance coverage and expenses associated with the limits determined in the policy in question. At iSalud, you’ll find the best family health insurance on the market, with the best conditions and at the best prices. And when it comes to family health insurance, there are some very interesting discounts that are increasing together with the number of family members.

The health of our family is very important to everyone. Therefore, it is essential to have quick access to a medical specialist whenever we need them or a second medical opinion and not having to get on long waiting lists.

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