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SANITAS Health insurance for Collectives and Associations

Sanitas private medical insurance for collectives and associations offer all types of health coverage to all members of an association or group with the possibility of purchasing different guarantees according to their needs as a group.

At iSalud, associations and groups include foundations, non-profit associations, companies and professional associations, such as medical groups, etc. As we have mentioned before, with Sanitas medical insurance for groups and associations it is possible to purchase different types of coverage depending on the profile of the insured such as for example coverage for accidents, death, pension plan, etc.

This type of policy is very interesting for groups of people who perform risky sports activities such as sailing, climbing, etc. who do not dedicate themselves professionally to it but who usually practice this activity on a regular basis and therefore seek health insurance with very particular characteristics. Obviously, the more insured customers are part of this group, the better premium conditions can be offered by the insurance company.

At iSalud, you can compare and decide what policy offered by the different companies suits your needs best. Sanitas, for example, might be the one that best suits the characteristics of your group or association. The coverage offered by this type of insurance is general, such as medical emergencies, any type of specialist, diagnostic tests, hospitalisation and surgical interventions, among others.

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