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SANITAS low-cost medical insurance

The latest product in terms of health insurance is the low-cost private medical insurance that most of the national health insurance companies are offering within their private medical insurance portfolio. An example of this is Sanitas which offers insurance with medical consultation coverage.

Sanitas Primero is low-cost health insurance that offers the best services that private healthcare has to offer at a very low price. The main services covered are primary medicine, access to all medical specialties, diagnostic tests, treatment methods and surgical procedures with or without hospitalisation (paying for only part of the cost, since Sanitas assumes responsibility for the rest).

This type of low-cost health insurance is perfect for those who only want to access additional hospital consultations in a simple way and avoid the long wait times of the national health service. The health coverage options includes the kinds of tests and outpatient diagnostic facilities available to the insured parties. The price is much lower, since hospitalisation is excluded from coverage.

Who are Sanitas low-cost insurance policies aimed at?

The most low-cost insurance policies offered by  Sanitas iSalud are intended for those who today cannot afford to pay for full private health insurance, but who due to the importance of their health want to have medical insurance for all types of consultations and additional hospital tests, knowing that everything that involves hospitalisation or surgery must be done through the national health service.

It is worth noting that many of these people, having greater financial solvency, ask the insurer to extend the coverage of their health insurance and take out full medical insurance, and usually, the first experience when purchasing low-cost health insurance offered by Sanitas is very positive and tends to adapt quickly to the dynamics and operation of what it means to have private health insurance. This is usually the case when it comes to families with small children, since for the parents the health of their children is the most important thing and therefore, every attempt is made to provide them with the greatest peace of mind in this regard.

At iSalud, with Sanitas, you have the possibility to consult all available insurance policies, and thus be able to quickly and easily compare both the types of coverage and the price of low-cost health insurance.

SANITAS low-cost health insurance

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