Sanitas Más Salud Plus private medical insurance

Your maximum coverage health insurance from 40.90 €.

Maximum private medical assistance that includes any type of surgical intervention and hospitalisation.


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Sanitas Más Salud Plus includes:

  • 1It includes all medical and surgical specialties
  • 2Access to a large medical team composed of more than 45,000 medical professionals and 1,200 private clinics
  • 3Diagnostic tests, rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • 4Includes any type of hospitalisation and surgical intervention
  • 5Optional coverage for insurance tailored to your needs (US, alternative medicine, etc.)
  • 6Maximum quality of health service and the most innovative technology.
  • 7Discounts based on payment method and by number of insured parties
  • 8Sanitas, leading company with more than 2 million insured customers

maximum health services

With Sanitas Mas Salud Plus private medical insurance, you’ll have service in the most prestigious private clinics in Spain and with the most valued medical professionals nationwide.

the leading provider’s guarantee

Sanitas Más Salud Plus will give you total peace of mind both at a personal and family level with its more than 2 million insured customers. The main objective of Sanitas and iSalud is to offer the maximum healthcare guarantees and the highest quality service with the most innovative health technology on the market.

maximum coverage

Sanitas Más Salud Plus medical insurance is a complete insurance to which you can also add a wide variety of additional coverage according to your needs, such as accident coverage, alternative medicine, pharmacy, reimbursement, etc.

maximum guarantees

With the Sanitas Mas Salud Plus insurance, you have special discounts for both the payment method and the number of insured persons.

Description and summary of general terms and conditions of Sanitas Más Salud Plus health insurance

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What does Sanitas Más Salud Plus have to offer?

Sanitas Más Salud Plus health insurance is a complete policy modality that includes the maximum healthcare guarantees both in and out of hospitals with a progressive co-payment structure, in which you should not pay anything for the first 6 medical services or acts. The policy can be purchased quickly and easily and the premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually (4% discount in case of annual payment).

With the Sanitas Más Salud Plus medical insurance, in addition to all the assistance coverage included in the policy, you have access to: second medical opinion managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognized international prestige, emergency travel abroad with a broad limit of up to 12,000 euros, 24-hour telephone service and emergency medical advice, 24-hour telephone service to expedite efforts, etc. All of this with maximum quality and personalised service

Other types of SANITAS Health Insurance


Because we know that you are worried about your health and that of your family, we offer you the health insurance that best suits your needs.

With our health insurance Sanitas más salud óptima, Sanitas más salud plus, Sanitas más salud y Sanitas Blua, Sanitas profesionales plus, you can access more than 45,000 medical professionals and 1,200 healthcare centres located throughout Spain. You will also be able to enjoy a national network of exclusive Sanitas centres.


with us, you’ll have the following benefits:

  • More than 2,000,000 insured customers
  • More than 40 years at the forefront of health insurance
  • Highest quality national and international medical coverage
  • With the most advanced technological mediums
  • Excellent coverage at a single price