SANITAS Health Insurance for Businesses

Sanitas medical insurance for businesses is an excellent option for both the company and its employees. This is a contract that is signed between the company and in this caseSanitas, whereby the insurer offers health coverage to its employees collectively in exchange for the company paying the premium under the policy. The main characteristic of this insurance coverage is that it is offered at a very low price.

When it comes to Sanitas health insurance for companies, these are the only intermediaries between the health insurance company and the employees, and these advantages may also cover the relatives of the employees, since spouses and children may benefit from health insurance conditions.

Another thing that companies are currently doing is to include the health insurance paid to employees in working conditions as a social security benefit.

From the perspective of companies, 100% of the insurance purchasing expense can be deducted from company tax. For employees, if the health insurance is purchased through the group of the company where they work, all kinds of waiting periods and preexisting conditions are eliminated. It is also much easier to access more expensive coverage because they belong to a group. So, generally speaking, insurance of this type usually offers better benefits than those of individuals or family members at a lower cost, according to iSalud.

Sanitas’ Health insurance for businesses includes the maximum healthcare guarantees such as general medicine, medical specialties, diagnostic methods, hospitalisation and surgical procedures and dental coverage, among others. Sanitas cares for the health of your company.

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