SANITAS Private health insurance for individuals

A private medical insurance offered by the Sanitas company is a contract between an individual and the Sanitas insurance company through which the insured party or parties receive healthcare for the payment of the premium specified in the policy.

There is a wide variety of Sanitas private health insurance from the most basic ones that do not have any type of co-payment to the most complete medical insurance and that have co-payments, depending on the coverage that has been purchased by the policyholder. At present, insurance companies are increasingly offering a simpler type of health insurance that offers very complete health services and at an excellent price-quality ratio. áíThis is because there is increasing demand on the market for a type of product with these characteristics.

Having a private medical insurance offered by the Sanitas company gives the greatest peace of mind to individuals and families who, faced with a health problem, have the guarantee of a quick, simple access to the specialist they need and immediate surgical procedures, if necessary. There are different types of policies, such as: Sanitas Multi, Sanitas Primero, Sanitas Más Salud Óptima, among others, which adapt to the different needs of the market. Likewise, having private Sanitas insurance allows you to have a second medical opinion, which can truly be of the utmost importance in the case of having a specific pathology.

What do the private medical insurance policies offered by Sanitas by iSalud have to offer?

Private medical insurance policies offered by Sanitas usually have the following coverage: general medicine, consultations of all specialties, diagnostic tests, emergency services, dental coverage, surgical procedures and hospitalisation, preventive medicine, among others. At any rate, our team at iSalud recommends that you consult the coverage that each of the health insurance policies offered by each insurer has since some medical insurances may also include other types of coverage such as family planning, rehabilitation treatments, physiotherapy, podiatry, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

Specifically, Sanitas private medical insurance offers the possibility of purchasing additional coverage depending on the needs you have such as pharmacy coverage, optician coverage or reimbursement coverage.

Insurance companies have a medical team composed of the best medical professionals of each specialty and with associated private clinics. The insured customer can choose the physician or specialist of their liking as well as the medical centre that they prefer which may be close to their home, work, etc.

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