SANITAS Health insurance with Co-payment

The medical insurance with co-payments offered by Sanitas is a type of insurance designed for those who do not go to the doctor that often or who do not often use private health services and therefore, it is worth for them to hire health insurance with a more adjusted premium in exchange for a co-payment each time they use the service.

The type of coverage with co-payments offered by Sanitas iSalud is exactly the same as a policy without co-payments, with the only difference that the insured is responsible for the payment of an amount when using a part of the insurance coverage.

How do Sanitas co-pay insurance policies work?

The co-payment is a concept related to private health insurance that means that every time one of the insured persons covered by a policy goes to the doctor and uses the health card on the reader, either in the same consultation or in the reception of the clinic or hospital, they will pay an amount which depends on the conditions of the health insurance in question. Generally speaking, this payment will be in addition to the monthly charge.

In the event that you purchase medical insurance with a co-payment, you will have the possibility of a service of the same quality as any other private insurance and at the same time reduce, depending on the selected product, the premium that you must pay in the chosen payment method, which is usually monthly.

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