Sanitas Medical insurance without Co-Payment

Sanitas health insurance without co-payments is a type of insurance with which the insured party knows exactly the premium to pay on a monthly basis without having to pay anything additional each time they use the health insurance services.

Generally, the premium of non-co-payment health insurance with Sanitas will be higher than the premium of a health insurance with co-payments, but in this case, the insured party will enjoy the peace of mind of not having to make any additional payment to use their medical insurance.

At iSalud, we recommend that you to consider the option of purchasing medical insurance with co-payments or without co-payments before finalising your Sanitas health insurance.

Our recommendation is that you opt for health insurance with co-payments in case you do not make frequent use of the policy, since financially speaking this can be more beneficial. And for people who tend to have more health problems or who may be older, we recommend purchasing health insurance without co-payments.

Once you have selected the option that best suits you, whether it’s an option with or without co-payments, we recommend, in the case of a medical insurance with a co-payment, to consider the different amounts that you will need to pay for each service.

Whether with health insurance with a co-payment or without co-payments, our Sanitas medical insurance offers you the security of being able to go immediately to the practice of the specialist you need at a specific time and in the best private medical centres nationwide.

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