Health insurance for Sanitas SMEs

Private medical insurance for small- or medium-sized companies is a contract signed between the company and a health insurance company, whereby the insurer offers health insurance coverage to all employees of the company in exchange for the company paying the agreed-upon premium under the policy.

Private medical insurance for SMEs from  Sanitas is highly valued both at the company level and by employees as, on the one hand, they improve the corporate image of the company, generating confidence in the company. From the point of view of the employer, it is a cost-saving measure since it is fully deductible in terms of corporate taxes and in addition, companies that purchase health insurance for SMEs notice a significant reduction in absenteeism since it provides effective medical assistance immediately.

Nowadays, insurance companies are aware that each company has its own particular and specific needs, which is why each SME is offered the option of purchasing adjusted coverage with ad hoc budgets from the insurers.

In general, the most common coverage in health insurance for SMEs are general medicine, therapeutic treatments and surgical procedures, always in a single room with a bed for the companion and depending on the company, coverage may also include breakfast for the companion.

What coverage is included in Sanitas insurance for SMEs?

Health insurance for SMEs offered by  iSalud Sanitas have main coverage such as emergencies, primary medicine and medical specialties, diagnostic tests, therapeutic methods and surgical procedures with or without hospitalisation. In addition, depending on the type of insurance that you choose for SMEs of the Sanitas company, it may or may not have dental coverage included as well.

One of the coverage types that is most valued by employees is the emergency service that is included in all SME policies and that in addition to including national emergencies, also covers international emergencies since the objective is to ensure that the company's employees are covered anywhere in the world.

Sanitas SME medical insurance adapts to the needs of each business and offers you the coverage that your company really needs, always with maximum flexibility, since there is the possibility of purchasing the insurance with co-payments or without co-payments, depending on how often you use the insurance.

Additionally, this insurance offers the main healthcare services at a very competitive price, with the best medical team, cutting-edge medical technology, as well as the most comfortable and modern facilities on the market.

The services covered also feature telephone customer service for emergencies available 365 days a year 24/7, which provides maximum peace of mind to the insured parties and who use it to solve any medical issues.

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