Sanitas private health insurance for Self-Employed Workers

Self-employed workers are a target for most health insurance companies, and offer special conditions in their policies. Private medical insurance purchased by a self-employed person has the same coverage as the health insurance of an individual, but with the advantage that being self-employed, they enjoy rates that are in line with their needs.

Sanitas medical insurance for self-employed people has been designed to cover those people who are self-employed and registered under the Special Regulations for the Self-Employed. When a sole trader purchases one of these medical insurances, all the insured parties in this policy can benefit from all the advantages that private health has to offer.

In general, the coverage that is included in Sanitas health insurance for the self-employed are, among others, general medicine, all kinds of medical specialties, diagnostic tests, hospitalisation and surgical procedures, and dental coverage; and all with special prices for this type of group. Some health insurance companies offer these types of insurance with co-payments and others offer them without co-payments.

Medical insurance for the self-employed offered by Sanitas Profesionales iSalud provide the maximum assistance guarantees but adapt to the needs of self-employed workers, all with the guarantee offered by the Sanitas brand so that the insured parties can have all the advantages of private medical insurance and also take advantage of the tax advantages associated with this type of products.

In all our health insurance products offered by Sanitas for the self-employed, you will have the maximum assistance coverage and the best benefits for self-employed workers. It is a private medical insurance that has special prices for both the policyholder and the spouse and children, and all with one of the best medical teams on the market.

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